Zero Waste Club 10x Razor Blades

Zero Waste Club 10x Razor Blades

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These days, razors have become complicated. With vibrating handles, flashing lights & 4 blades that apparently cut better. All of this is marketing rubbish makes us consume more than we acctually need. From a recycling perspective, the main issue is that the normal razor blades have combination of many materials such as plastic, rubber and metal stuck together which are impossible to recycle at the end of life due to how it's manufactured. Zero Waste Club razor blades are made from stainless steel & are 100% recyclable at the end of their life. 


This pack is for 10 safety razor blades which come in 1 small pack of 10 blades. Larger packs of 100x are available to purchase.


  • Made from stainless steel

  • Compatible with all standard double edge razors

  • Blades size 42mm x 22mm

  • No plastic 

  • Vegan