Organic Cotton Reusable Night Pad

Organic Cotton Reusable Night Pad

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A eco friendly Cloth Saintary Pad made by Honour your Flow for bedtime. Made with inner layers of lovely soft organic cotton velour & backed with lightweight black organic cotton jersey with a layer of waterproof PUL on the inside (what is PUL anyway? it's PolyUrethane Laminated onto polyester. It's what they use for nappy wraps, & it is very waterproof!) This Night pad has a flared back which is designed to catch those annoying trickle leaks which can plague our night times. Perfect for your light or medium night flow. This is surprisingly slim line for such a large pad. Have a good nights sleep with no worries. Also suitable for you if you have given birth and need postpartum protection.


We have tried & tested many Reusable Pads & I honestly feel these are the best yet. They are made natural materials (apart from the PUL) which make wearing your washable menstrual products cool & very comfortable, with none of the unpleasant symptoms that have been associated with disposables. You don't get burning, itching or thrush symptoms during your period when you use natural fabrics. Many women have reported lighter bleeding & less pain when they use cloth menstrual pads. 


All Honour Your Flow pads are pre-washed & ready to use. You should wash them with dark colours for the first few washes in case the dye runs a little. Can all be washed up to 60'. However as blood is a protein, it can set with heating (like the white of an egg when you cook it), so there is actually a scientific reason to wash them low rather than high. Some people prefer to rinse them in cold water after using before placing them in the wash.


  • Machine washable up to 60'
  • Length 38cm
  • Width 11cm
  • Fits UK trouser size 8-24
  • Vegan
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