Organic Cotton Regular Starter Pack

Organic Cotton Regular Starter Pack

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A lovely Starter Pack to get you started. Your Pack contains a Mini pad for light 'spotting' days, two Regular pads for average flow days, and a thick Maxi pad for heavy days along with a Wet Bag. Once you know which suits you best, you can come back & complete your stash. You may well want to add one of our famous Night pads to your Starter Pack, so that you are totally covered at night.

These eco friendly pads are all made with organic cotton with a PUL inner & are machine washable up to 60'. Please read each indivdual pad & wet bag for furthur information.


Starter packs are perfect for teenagers begining their periods or any of us wanting a healthier & kinder to our plant, monthly cycle. There are many reasons to make the switch but I believe the two most important are: better for your body & our planet. 

Welcome to the world of honouring your flow through reusable cloth pads!


  • Vegan
  • Suitable for UK size 8-12
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Reusable